Unknown Land is a unique artistic collaboration between Lucia Ponticas (Chile) and Rob Bryant (Australia), two musicians on opposite sides of the earth, making music through satellites in space.

The project was conceived in 2015 after Lucia and Rob met on twitter, promoting their respective solo projects "Lucia Fenix" and "Bare Island". Very quickly they realised their styles complimented each other perfectly, and Unknown Land was born.

Despite living in two different cultures, speaking different languages and even when one's days are the other's nights, their passion for music prevailed.

The result is a completely unique sound which brings together a variety of musical influences. Unknown Land are constantly searching for their own sound and aesthetics, always evoking mystery, sensuality and strength.

The discography of UKLD consists of four productions, the debut album 33° (2016), the subsequent EPs REDLINE (2017) and UNO (2018), and our latest album DARK SEASONS (2019).


Coordinates of Origin

33°S 70°O


Lucía Fenix is the alter ego of Lucía Ponticas, singer, songwriter and producer, from the most southern extreme of Latin America.

Fenix is a project that pays tribute to passion and introspection. With particular attention to unique and intense lyrics and vocal lines.

Lucía Ponticas has a background as a member of several Dark Electronic bands as a keyboardist and singer, and later as a sound engineer and a solo artist since 2009.

Her sound is dark and sultry with really strong vocals with an electronic backing. Cold, machinelike, but so passionate at the same time.

33°S 151°E


Bare Island is the music project of Sydney producer and multi-instrumentalist  Rob Bryant. Drawing influence from artists as diverse as Massive Attack, Blonde Redhead, Sígur Ros, Radiohead, Joy Division, Talk Talk, and pretty much the entire early catalog of 4AD, Bare Island is a destination of blissful, sweet oblivion and melancholy isolation.

Rob Bryant has a background playing keyboards and bass guitar in seminal Adelaide post-punk band the Bacchae, bass guitar for hardcore legends Grunter, and keyboards for Sydney industrial trio Sterile.

Bare Island represents a change of direction to a far more introspective place, where the ghosts of post-punk and new wave crystalise into something new but familiar.