After a long time developing a more consolidated, fully realised and still completely original sound for UKLD, we are proud to show you finally this 25th of May, our brand new EP: REDLINE

This is what music curators are already saying about this work:

"A beautifully constructed blend of electro Creep-Rock with a hefty helping of some extremely beautiful vocals. This EP is full of originality, a skill that's becoming increasingly difficult in the saturated market - UKLD are instantly recognisable in a very large ocean of acts.

The influences are too numerous to mention, from mid- career Depeche, through Nine Inch Nails and on to modern EBM - all infused with uneasy minor chord arrangements and breath-taking production.

UKLD's songcraft is second to none. The final track leaves you spinning in a maze of beauty and closes a truly brilliant release. The only issue here, is that it doesn't go on for another hour - certainly among the best stuff I've heard this year"

Keith Whitham - §Wired§ Radio Show (UK)

"Discovery of the inner self through music, a journey along our internal Nazca lines. Unknown, ancient, calling out to us to far beyond what we know and where we are"

Tracy Perry - Expansion of Presense radio show (US)

"Unknown Land are a duo that I'm absolutely sure will leave you breathless with their wonderful and atmospheric depth of music. I can guarantee that you will be moved by their incredibly rich and pure electronic tunes and equally the amazingly haunting and magical vocals"

Andrew Skerat -The Synthopia radio show (AUS)