Eclectrocast 2016 Compilation

In this EC2016 Eclectrocasts podcast  features all eleven artists interviewed during 2016. Unknown Land between them.

The tracks are in the order in which the interviews appeared .
Listen to this awesome compilation. Amazing musicians and great memories.

LoveHertz Compilation

Love Hertz is the last Compilation by E-Con Records, featuring in exclusive the first single of our next EP (2017)

This compilation counts with the participation of various independant artist across the globe. Love Hertz is the exploration of Sexuality, Sensuality & Sin. 

Check out the complete compilation here


Review / FK Digital Records (Germany)

Unknown Land - Debut Album "33°"
I have to say I've been following Lucia Fenix's career very closely over the years and her last project Unknown Land is actually stunning. But let me firstly introduce ULKD. This band is a duo project whose members live in very different and distant countries: Lucia Fenix, a chilean musician and singer with diverse industrial / electronic music works and Rob Bryant, a talented australian musician with a vast and interesting background. Both of them have joined forces to make this real. It's been a long journey before this album came to light and I'm very pleased to listen to the debut album with such marvelous songs.


EclectroCasts Interview

EclectroCastsWe sat down with EclectroCasts via Skype from 3 corners of the globe to talk about how we made 33°. Jeff and Kees showed amazing attention to our work, asked insightful questions  and covered many areas of our process and the art we create.

It was fascinating to be part of!

Check out the full interview here.

Monte's Uncharted Wednesday Nights

Check out Rob's interview with Monte from 2LVR 97.9fm, the community radio station in Forbes NSW. His show "Monte's Uncharted Wednesday Nights" is all about independent or unsigned artists and brand new music.

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