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Check out this great review by SIDE-LINE Magazine : "Unknown Land is a band you really have to discover. I’m deeply impressed by the very personal approach of the band"

UKLD Q&A with James McGauran

UKLD are featuring this week on James McGauran's outstanding blog series of Q&As. It's a really in depth interview that covers a lot of ground and includes links to our music and videos along with plenty of information about how we work together. Really excited to be part of it!

Read the interview now!


After a long time developing a more consolidated, fully realised and still completely original sound for UKLD, we are proud to show you finally this 25th of May, our brand new EP: REDLINE

This is what music curators are already saying about this work:

"A beautifully constructed blend of electro Creep-Rock with a hefty helping of some extremely beautiful vocals. This EP is full of originality, a skill that's becoming increasingly difficult in the saturated market - UKLD are instantly recognisable in a very large ocean of acts.

The influences are too numerous to mention, from mid- career Depeche, through Nine Inch Nails and on to modern EBM - all infused with uneasy minor chord arrangements and breath-taking production.

UKLD's songcraft is second to none. The final track leaves you spinning in a maze of beauty and closes a truly brilliant release. The only issue here, is that it doesn't go on for another hour - certainly among the best stuff I've heard this year"

Keith Whitham - §Wired§ Radio Show (UK)

"Discovery of the inner self through music, a journey along our internal Nazca lines. Unknown, ancient, calling out to us to far beyond what we know and where we are"

Tracy Perry - Expansion of Presense radio show (US)

"Unknown Land are a duo that I'm absolutely sure will leave you breathless with their wonderful and atmospheric depth of music. I can guarantee that you will be moved by their incredibly rich and pure electronic tunes and equally the amazingly haunting and magical vocals"

Andrew Skerat -The Synthopia radio show (AUS)

New Video: QUALIA

You can already see our second single and video of our new Ep "Redline"

This video graphically shows the idea behind the concept of QUALIA, addressed in this song, to demonstrate what would be the only arguable difference between sentient beings and artificial intelligence, perhaps in a dystopian future, perhaps right now.

New Video: FRACTAL

Our first single and video of our new Ep "Redline" featuring the art from Julius Horsthuis.

This song uses the fractal landscapes as an aesthetic concept to represent the main idea behind the lyrics of this song.

Which is why we contacted the artist Julius Horsthuis, who provided us with videos specially to accompany "Fractal" with his amazing imagery.

You can also listen to FRACTAL at SoundCloud HERE



New EP Redline 

To be released at the end of May 2017

After the success of Unknown Land's debut album 33° they are now preparing to launch the highly anticipated follow up EP "REDLINE" , with a more consolidated, fully realised and still completely original sound.

33° Alternate Realities

We have just released our album of remixes 33° Alternate Realities and so far, sales and support have exceeded our expectations !! 

Many thanks to all the artists who have contributed their talent and impressive remixes, to E-Con Records for their support and coordination of all this crusade and to all the Djs and friends who have helped to spread the message so far, on this shows:

33° The Remixes

This Friday March 10th, will be the release of the remix album of our first album 33°. All proceeds will be donated to the charity 'Desafio Levantemos Chile' who are giving much needed aid to the victims of the recent Chilean Bushfires. 

HELP US make a difference to many peoples lives on March 10th.

Featuring stellar remixes from:

Pulse: The Sweetest Condition (US), Deep: Modal Plane (US), Risk: TwoVolt (UK & PT), Reaction: niet! (ES) , The Fall: Bubble & Squeak (AU), Storm: Aqwan ( NT), Salvation: Plike (US) , Dream: Ok Sure (AU) , Fade: Hexamoten (IS) , Memento Mori: Sleeplab (AU) 

33° The Remixes

We are preparing a big surprise with E-Con Records. An album of remixes from our first album 33° / 10 songs & 10 amazing artists :

Pulse: The Sweetest Condition (US) / Deep: Modal Plane (US) / Risk: TwoVolt (UK & PT) / Reaction: niet! (ES) / The Fall: Bubble & Squeak (AU) / Storm: Aqwan ( NT) / Salvation: Plike (US) / Dream: Ok Sure (AU) / Fade: Hexamoten (IS) / Memento Mori: Sleeplab (AU) 

Wired show 17-04 (UK)

Wired is a live radio show (UK) that aims to showcase the best there is in electronic music. In between a few scattered mainstream favourites

Listen to Unknown Land among other amazing musicians, Here

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